Rosie and Murphy

Looks like pals Rosie and Murphy are settling in to their new American home just nicely! Thanks to mum Alethea for sharing this adorable pic!

“Hi Kathy I just got your email. We are all completely settled in already. I can’t believe how quickly the pups adjusted. Thank you for making everything so easy for us, Kathy. I must make special commendation to the guy that picked up Rosie and Murphy (I think his name was Mike?). He was so gentle with them and as I arrived he was walking Murphy around the car so he could have a toilet break. He was patient with us and also packed down the boxes. So personable and an utter RELIEF to know that my pets were in someone like his hands when they touched down. My husband Andrew also said that the person collecting Rosie and Murphy from Jetpets in Melbourne was also very gentle and warm. This is so important. I guess I don’t need to tell you that – You already know ;o) Anyway, thank you. Here is a picture of Murphy and Rosie in the car this morning at the collection just after they had a drink and some food. Rosie has also already done some laps in the pool. She has early stages of arthritis so this weather in LA is perfect for aqua therapy. I will send a pool picture soon. Thanks again Alethea”

Feisty the Seal

On Tuesday we assisted with the move of Feisty the Seal from Seaworld in Queensland through to Melbourne Zoo.

Feisty has had an interesting history, she was found stranded in Esperance, Western Australia in March 2007. At the time she was very small, only weighing 6kg.

And that name?

Well she was named Feisty after her assertive and slightly aggressive nature!

We wish Feisty all the best at her new home at the Melbourne Zoo and encourage all Melbournians to pop down and see her!

Jetpets are proud Silver Corporate Partners of Melbourne Zoo


Irwin’s Turtles

This week the Sydney team together with Scotty and Andrea have had the pleasure of working with the Baltimore National Aquarium to transport 6 turtles to be homed in their Animal Planet Australia Exhibit. The turtles are being donated by John Cann, a published author and the turtle expert of Australia. Among the turtles we are transporting are two ‘Irwin’s Turtles’.

These turtles were discovered by none other then Steve Irwin and his dad Bob! They contacted John when they didn’t recognise them, and John later confirmed that they were a new species! John Cann is also famously known as  the ‘Snake Man of La Perouse’. John and his family ran the Sydney snake shows for the last 100 years! Andrea and Scotty have really enjoyed working with the Baltimore Aquarium and John on this move!


Pictured below is Dr Kathy and Geoff, a pet handler from our Sydney office.